Marsh Tacky Carbon Outriggers Product Instructions & Support


(Internal Retractable Titanium Series, “I.T. Series,” Outriggers and Center Riggers)

Thank you for purchasing our retractable carbon fiber outriggers with titanium collar hardware and machined titanium halyard management systems for your boat. You might ask, “What am I looking at here? Why are these so different than other outriggers I’ve seen?” To be honest, we don’t deserve as much credit as you. We have taken feedback and experience with hundreds of customers to arrive at the design you now see! The links below will help you appreciate every feature, but for now, please know that what we’re most proud of is the immediate compliments we always hear when our products are first unpackaged. Are you pleased with your purchase? This is crucial to our company’s continued success. Please, if you are not completely impressed and delighted with what you’ve received, please let us know as we take it very personally! We couldn’t have had the success we’ve had so far without all the encouragement! Also, please and thank you are what we live and die by here at Marsh Tacky Carbon, so thanks again.

Please click or tap the links below for product support: