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2 years ago

Marsh Tacky Carbon

Some won't be taking #LaborDay2017 off like normal. This weekend, Save 15% on #marshtackycarbon and also HELP #HurricaneHarvey victims with 10% of all our sales going to our dealer and friends Cajun Tackle who are seeing droves of evacuees come into #LakeCharles while they load up trucks and boats with supplies heading for the flooded end of I-10 at the Texas Border. They need our help. For those of us 1000 miles away instead of 100, it's still an enormous task that we can all help with, so lets do what we can. They would and HAVE done the same for us!
Use coupon code harveyhelp2017 at checkout and enjoy Labor Day with your loved ones! www.marshtackycarbon.com
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