Removeable Rod Holder Mount

This is an excellent center rigger or lighter outrigger mount option for boats with rod holders already mounted at ideal angles for outriggers, i.e.: center rod holder in the top angled back 10-20 degrees (center rigger) or “kingfish” rod holders on the outer aft corners of the top (outriggers).  The receiver tube’s diameter is meant to hold 1-1/8″ diameter riggers.

This mount locks firmly into a tulip rod holder and its gimbal pin to eliminate slop that would ordinarily exist between a rod-holder mounted center rigger of outrigger pole in a kingfish rod holder. No matter how light the rigger is, that slop can lead to weld damage or failure when subjected to longer leverage and/or force put on by modern carbon fiber center riggers’ lengths and strength. 

  • Designed for use with our smaller outriggers or center riggers with 1-1/8″ diameter butt size (or our 1-1/8″ flag holder
  • Top receiver twists to expand the mechanism inside the rod holder’s liner and create a solid mounting solution for a center rigger or small outrigger (15ft or less). 
  • Mount is removeable and extremely lightweight for easy handling and storage when not in use.
  • Sold as a single center-rigger mount, but can be used as outrigger mounts as well if qty 2 are purchased.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced composite and titanium construction.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warrantied.