NEW running upgrades for Spring 2024!

  • We don’t stop improving- EVER.
  • New finish is tougher than ever (UV Proof 3k instead of checkered weave for more consistent (i.e.: perfected) parts connectivity, thick single-phase Awlgrip (repairable) coating system for white and custom colors, and an even stronger proprietary clearcoat system,
  • String lines without any tools- just push the line down the pole interior through each respective exit, and it will come out of the lines’ entry on its own!

The “XT Series” Super Titanium Internal fixed-length outriggers are our third-generation fixed length outrigger design completely full of innovations and all machined titanium and carbon fiber.  American-made craftsmanship is what these flagship outriggers are. Please understand these aren’t for you if you want to put them into the same league as mass-produced outriggers. All the parts of these outriggers are slowly machined-from billet titanium that’s then tediously finished and polished, laid up with proprietary carbon fiber schedules and processed with our proprietary schedules, coatings and adhesives. Each time we have made a new industry disruptive outrigger model, the technology didn’t come from profit maximization or off-shored contract manufacturers. We listen to customers and implement running improvements into what we build one set at a time, and that’s what these products are. The goal not only with each batch of parts but literally each serialized outrigger is to “build the best outrigger possible.” These models do not contain plastic, stainless, aluminum, nor anything else found in something meant to get a product into a lower price point or “mid tier market.” We understand these models aren’t for everyone, so of course we do build more efficient designs with cost in mind, but the XT is not it. The XT is the ONLY option for anyone who wants the best because nothing else comes remotely close to today’s XT except yesterday’s XT. The amount and labor and attention to detail that goes into these is astonishingly more than any other outriggers.

We have been building internally rigged carbon fiber outriggers since 2015. Some upgrades from our 2021 “Super Internal” A.K.A.: “X Series” outriggers compared to the XT series in general include:

  • 40% stronger carbon fiber,
  • new, highly refined, polished, machined titanium halyard management hardware bonded to carbon fiber without use of mechanical fasteners,
  • Completely maintenance free, stain and corrosion proof design,
  • Modular connectivity and support structure design allows not only for disassembly of poles for fast and easy shipping but also for an independently adjustable twist angle of each pole segment (point each halyard exit where you’d like, e.g.: point your short and medium exits at the cockpit, and point your long rigger exits at the flying bridge),
  • modular design with also allows for replacement of impact-damaged sections or components without freight to and from our facility of an entire fixed length pole like in the past, and upgrading to longer lengths and/or addition of spreader support system upgrades without purchase of an entirely new set is possible,
  • 100% machined titanium connectivity allows for a design that can be disassembled easily but also an extremely rigid assembled structure,
  • GoPro or other cameras or other accessories, such as LED lighting, can be mounted directly to the outriggers’ tips via 1/4″ – 20 tapped threads in the titanium tips,
  • the level of strength we have reached actually surpasses what most bolt-in mounts and some lift-out mounts on the market can withstand,
  • NO maintenance required to keep our lifetime warranty

PULL ANY TACKLE YOU’D LIKE WITHOUT ELECTROLYSIS AND CORROSION ISSUES, CUMBERSOME HEAVY WEIGHT OR ANY OTHER DEFICIENCIES THAT POSE SIGNIFICANT PROBLEMS FOR YOUR OUTRIGGER MOUNTS OR YOUR CREW TO DEAL WITH. SIMPLY PUT, THIS DESIGN IS SIMPLER, TOUGHER, STRONGER, STIFFER… THAN EVER! These will truly outfish and outlast anything else compatible with the most robust bolt-in outrigger mounts (e.g.: Taco GS-390, Gemlux Bluewater, Rupp Z-90, and Rupp Vector), but they also work great in traditional “lift-out” mounts (e.g.: Lee’s MX7000 and MX8000 Series; and Rupp Lift Out and Tournament Lift Out).

From the beginning and always:

  • Fit and finish second to none,
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for original purchasers,
  • Price is for set of two poles,
  • Email or call us for quotes on custom pole or hardware colors, custom lengths or base diameters, or any other needs,
  • UNSURE ABOUT YOUR BASE SIZE OR IN NEED OF CUSTOM? Just use our Outrigger Mount Size Reference Page


Click Here for Our X.T. Outriggers Support Page with How-to Links


Key features of the XT Super Internal Titanium Series shown:


Some comparison of our former and current model fixed length outriggers:


LT Light Titanium vs XT Super Internal Titanium Outriggers Compared: