This proprietary rigging design allows you to troll two baits from the single halyard in each of your new Marsh Tacky Carbon retractable internal outriggers.

We use an extremely high quality, highly UV and abrasion resistant 2.5mm dyneema line specifically designed for the self-lubricating halyard management system in our retractable internal outriggers, a single line Hal-lock pulley, and two release clips for each outrigger’s single halyard. If purchased with retractable internal outriggers, this rigging system will come in your outriggers pre-installed so that once on your boat, you’ll only have to adjust one knot and trim its tag end for each outrigger.

Setting up new outriggers has NEVER been this easy, and you’ll know you have the rigging that’s been optimized to work best with your outriggers.

Line color options: RED OR BLACK

Standard line color will be black unless red is specified in order comments at checkout.