• LIGHTEST, LONGEST WARRANTIED retractable outriggers on the market,
  • 100% based on customer feedback and requests,
  • 100% carbon fiber pole construction
  • 100% titanium and composite collar length-adjustment hardware is corrosion and electrolysis-proof,
  • 100% collaboration and support from other industry leaders:
    • Spectore Corp. (ultra-strong and corrosion proof titanium halyard management components)
    • Ronstan (oversized self-lubricating corrosion proof high load pulleys)
    • Robline (Dyneema 360-degree self-adjusting system at each pull point)
  • 100% one-handed lever-lock operation and design will not inadvertently collapse while running nor inadvertently extend when trailering or stowing,
  • Splash teaser and dredge attachments available,
  • UV resistant 3K twill or white finishes,
  • both 18ft and 22ft options are three-section design and are capable of pulling subsurface dredges or high speed wahoo lures,
  • designed for optimal use with 1.7-1.8mm Dyneema halyard material but can handle 1.7-3.0mm mono, Dacron or Dyneema halyards,
  • all models retract to under 9ft, and are sold as sets (pairs of outrigger poles),
  • standard format is double rigged, but selecting the extra pendant pulley option will allow for triple halyards on both of the set’s poles,

2024 UPDATE: We added a few inches of length to the top sections of these poles by making the tips removable. This allows more length to fit into our UPS Ground shipments (max 8ft length) to you and just means you press fit the tips into the top sections when you unbox them. The new shape came from input from a few great customers! Thanks!

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Our Retractable Outriggers’ (ET and IT Series) Features Explained:


UNSURE ABOUT YOUR BASE SIZE? Just use our Outrigger Mount Size Reference Page 

Common Mount Size Diameters:

—— 1-15/32″ Taco GS-270 and GS-370; 2020 or older GS-280, 2801, 370 and 380

—— 1-1/2″ 2021 or newer Taco GS-280, 2801 or GS-390; Rupp Top Gun Classic, Revolution or Z-30; Gemlux Deluxe (rectangular footprint); and some Tigress

—— 1-9/16″ Gemlux Bluewater (round footprint) and most ETEC (late 1990’s-2010)

—— 1-5/8″ Lee’s Sidewinder


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