Adjustable Rod Holder Center Rigger* Mount

(We utilize TACO Metals SKU# T10-3000-6 (Adjustable Rod Holder Mount for ShadeFin™) with a few added parts for great compatibility with our center rigger poles with standard 1-1/8″ diameter butts)

This is an excellent center rigger* mount option for those boats with poor access to top-flush-mount options or boats with a rod holder already fitted in the centerline of the top or upper station’s backrest. Also, one simply may not wish to weld-on or drill and bolt-on their center rigger mount.

*Note, this product is sold by Taco as a mount option for their ShadeFin™, which we also sell, and can greatly add to this mount’s versatility to complement its ease of use and removal from the boat instead of permanently mounting hardware to carry non-permanent items, whose use might continually vary (e.g.: sandbar or cruising day where you want maximum shade vs fishing a full spread of baits in a tournament). We add a plastic screw and hand nut to engage the center rigger pole in this mount rather than a stainless button spring, which is prone to malfunction and corrosion, and we add an acrylic washer to isolate powder coated or Line-X’ed rod holders’ bottom edges from the hand nut that installs onto the bottom of this assembly.

This mount locks firmly into a tulip rod holder and its gimbal to eliminate slop that would ordinarily exist between a rod-holder mounted center rigger pole and rod holder, slop which can lead to weld damage or failure when subjected to longer leverage and/or force put on by modern carbon fiber center riggers’ lengths and strength. 

  • Designed for use with our smaller outriggers or center riggers with 1-1/8″ diameter butt size 
  • Adjustable height with spline lock technology for secure center rigger elevation settings
  • Rugged, sure-grip knob adjusts and locks-in desired height & laydown position for safe trailering and navigation under bridges
  • Stainless steel type 316 receiver arm with locking feature
  • Engineered for durability and lasting performance
  • Sold as a single center-rigger mount, but can be used as outrigger mounts as well if qty 2 are purchased


From Taco’s website on the ShadeFin™ Mount:
“Lightweight and versatile, the Adjustable Rod Holder Mount for ShadeFin makes adding shade to your boat easy! Simply install by inserting the Adjustable Rod Holder Mount into a firmly welded T-top rod holder and secure in place using the nylon sleeve and Locking Knob. Easily adjust the angle of ShadeFin with the Sure-Grip knob. The Adjustable Rod Holder Mount fits any standard T-top rod holder, gunnel rod holder with an adapter or the Telescopic Rod Holder Accessory, sold separately.
  • Features and Benefits
    • Manufactured from Type-316L stainless steel
    • Features Sure-Grip knob for easy and secure angle adjustment
    • Adjusts every 15º with safety detents
    • Locking Knob secures the mount in place
    • Features nylon sleeve for additional rod holder stabilization
    • Includes self-aligning notch and pin-locking hole
    • 1-year limited warranty”