This is our second generation Dyneema and carbon fiber spreader supported system – after 2 years of our highly successful carbon fiber and Dyneema spreader supported outrigger sales we have taken the wish list from customers and advanced to an entirely new level!

PULL ANY TACKLE YOU’D LIKE WITHOUT ELECTROLYSIS AND CORROSION ISSUES, CUMBERSOME HEAVY WEIGHT OR ANY OTHER DEFICIENCIES! These are recommended in traditional “lift-out” mounts (e.g.: Lee’s MX7000, MX Pro Lite, and MX8000 Series; and Rupp Lift Out and Tournament Lift Out).

  • Fit and finish second to none,
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for original purchasers,
  • Dyneema support lines in double spreader support format (trip and quad available on custom basis),
  • Shorter length version of this product with single spreader support system is available here,
  • Unique, spread carbon fiber weave option for exterior ply,
  • Machined titanium components,
  • New modular design allowing for the quickest disassembly, shipping, or parts support when needed,
  • Designed to be the strongest, lightest, stiffest, most trouble-free outriggers on the market,
  • The only outriggers on the market with their design goal being to give the best action and control to pull your baits and teasers in all sea states with the smoothest and most consistent performance possible,
  • Structure made of 100% American-made aerospace grade carbon fiber & controlled thermoset toughened epoxy with strict sourcing and quality constraints,
  • Highest attention to detail for longest life and best performance,
  • Pull multi-tier dredges, multiple heavy lures at high trolling speeds, large live baits, or whatever else you’d like to try- if anyone else is doing it, do it with these,
  • Completely corrosion-proof components and only the highest quality ultra long-life adhesives used in our craftsmanship and construction,
  • Internal halyard rigging and permanently fixed length design for ultimate strength and durability,
  • Price is for set of two poles,
  • Email or call us for quotes on custom pole or hardware colors, custom lengths or base diameters, or any other needs,
  • Please understand that we do not mass produce any of our products, and our lead time for your build may vary up to several weeks from payment if custom options are needed. Usually, lead time for standard colors will be no more than two weeks.
  • UNSURE ABOUT YOUR BASE SIZE? Just use our Outrigger Mount Size Reference Page


Please watch this video for explanation of some key features of our XTS outriggers