What makes ours the best? We’re just competing with ourselves at this point! The new T Series is our third generation design. (And people are still trying to come to market with copies of our first generation from six years ago)! We don’t base our products on others nor look to them for ways to improve! If we did that, we’d be stuck with the same equipment that’s been around for generations; “Why make anything better if somebody’s still buying it?” the other guys might say. Instead, we constantly listen to our customers’ direct feedback to make the best products we can. We literally owe our success to YOU!

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA,
  • 100% carbon fiber handles,
  • New patented 6Al-4V titanium alloy hooks:
    • 3x stronger than titanium and 4x stronger than 316 stainless,
    • far superior hardness and ability to keep a sharp point
    • almost half the weight of stainless hooks,
    • NO corrosion, staining, or electrolysis,
    • colorful, super tough anodizing with custom colors available at no extra charge,
    • incredible retention of hook shape and point due due to the strength, hardness and toughness of 6Al-4V alloy.
  • Increased and improved carbon fiber layup schedules in our handles to increase our gaffs’ toughness even more,
  • Hand-built, aggressive, heavy duty grips are the highest performing on the market,
  • All our gaffs FLOAT,
  • Rubber butt gimbals are non-marking and won’t come off no matter how hard you pull them,
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY for original purchasers.
  • T1 size
    • hook has 1.5″ gap and 2.5″ penetration depth
    • lightest and quickest design for highly accurate response and hook placement
    • designed for up to 60lb fish
  • T2 size
    • hook has 2.6″ gap and 3.7″ penetration depth
    • slightly larger handle diameter and stiffer than the T1
    • designed for 10-100lb fish
  • T4 size
    • hook has 3.8″ gap and 6″ penetration depth
    • slightly larger handle diameter and stiffer than the T2
    • designed for 50-200lb fish
  • T5 size
    • hook has 4.9″ gap and 7.5″ penetration depth
    • handle has the heaviest and toughest carbon fiber layup schedule- largest diameter with very little flex
    • designed for 130-unlimited

For more information on our unique titanium alloy hooks, see our titanium alloy hooks info page.