Dubbed the “Tiny Tack” by our followers on Instagram, these gaffs are lightning quick and light, but pack a powerful punch with their special high strength stainless steel hook material. The hooks’ gaps are 1.5,” and have our patented geometry and double grooves. Like all our gaffs, the Tiny Tacks float and have a lifetime warranty. Another unique feature is the Winn Dri-Tac grips, which offer superior control for such a small diameter handle and keep the weight down for increased accuracy to lip those snapper and grouper (with far less risk of the clumsy accidental de-hooking of a fish!). These gaffs also excel at moving any size fish around in your boat without as much risk of harm to your table presentation or crew! Save damage to your leader and needless deck cleanup by using these gaffs on smaller, quicker fish species such as bonito and blackfin tuna brought in on light tackle as well. You won’t find a better gaff to carry along on a kayak or paddleboard either since these are as small it gets, and as tough as it gets, but still they float!

Almost half the weight of 316 stainless, but 4x stronger. See our titanium hooks info page