Proven tournament winners!

After hearing repeatedly about the need for lighter long-reach gaffs for tournament class king mackerel, we redesigned our two-piece gaffs to eliminate the heavy coupler system and instead use a semi-permanent attachment system with our new titanium alloy hooks. The result? A gaff that’s 60% lighter!

These gaffs are lightning quick and sharp, like our Tiny Tack models, but carry the larger more aggressive grip systems from our Pro Gaffs to give you maximum control of bigger fish farther away from the boat. Our lengths on these is 11′ 11″ when assembled (two separate pieces joined with a 316 stainless steel barrel nut and screw). The hooks’ gaps are 1.5,” and our patented double grooves and geometry gives you more penetration depth and holding power than most 2″ hooks. Meanwhile, our 6Al-4V titanium alloy hooks don’t compromise on strength despite being a lighter gauge to minimize your blood weight lost between the ocean, fish bag and weigh in.

These gaffs float and have a lifetime warranty. See our titanium hooks info page for more info on our new hooks.