Heavier Duty 2.5mm Dyneema for higher tension operation than our 1.7mm Dyneema

  • Recommended for our IT, LT and XT Series Outriggers.
  • Sold as PER POLE kit. (Order quantity ONE for a center rigger).
  • Crimps are not included in these kits as they cannot be used with Dyneema, which must be knotted instead.
  • Dyneema is recommended when:
    • you plan for it to be installed in our retractable products, which means when they’re retracted and stored, you’ll benefit from Dyneema’s lack of coil or wrap memory when managing the extra lengths of slack halyard lines (versus fixed length outriggers),
    • you are willing to invest extra time and up-front cost in a more environmentally durable halyard material and rigging versus rigging with monofilament & crimps, or
    • you want as little stretch and slack in your rigging as possible throughout seasons of use.
  • Kit Includes:
    • ONE RC-100 Blacks release clip,
    • ONE black 5/8″ diameter halyard stopper ball,
    • ONE Single Hal-Lock kit with bungee removed and replaced with our superior 4mm double braided static cord, and
    • Ultra-high quality 2.5mm Dyneema halyard cord.
      • Your Dyneema color can be your choice of a color from the section menu.
      • Please take a good look at the pictures to understand the actual colors’ appearances (dark navy, red, and white).