• Sold as per pole kits. Order 2ea for a set of outriggers, or 1ea for a single pole.
  • Mono is not recommended for retractable outriggers unless they will remain extended once installed. Any order with mono will contain necessary crimps in the kit. Crimps cannot be used with Dyneema.
  • Dyneema is strongly recommended for all our retractable products because of its durability and lack of coil or wrap memory.
  • Please include your Dyneema or mono color preference in your order comments.
    • 400lb LP Primeline Mono colors: black, blue, light blue, clear, green, or red
    • 1.8mm Spyder-Line colors: black, violet (purple), lime green (hi-viz), mango (orange), or red.
    • If you do not include this info for us in the order comments at checkout, we will ship you our default color, black.