The Taco GS-500’s borrow some features from the GS-300 series, but there are numerous enhancements and major strengthening engineering into the GS-500’s to handle our longer carbon fiber poles and more demanding activities like high speed trolling, pulling dredges, running 60mph+ for extended periods of time in the ocean, etc.

  • Increased surface area on the hard top plate
  • Increased thickness of the hard top plates to 3/4″ to reduce flex
  • Larger top tube with extended bearing for additional arm support
  • Extended upper casting to prevent tube buckling
  • Doubled top assembly fastening hardware strength
  • Stainless lever grip for additional lifting strength
  • Patent-pending twist and lock mechanism for easy outrigger installation and removal
  • Increased thickness in the backing plate to 1/2″
  • Uses same bolt pattern for installation as current Grand Slam series
  • 30% Larger casting than the TACO GS-380
  • Added gusset support for long distance high speed runs
  • Additional 15° rotator handle adjustable position
  • Waterproof sealed design
  • Larger ergonomic crank handle assembly for vertical movement with new locking positions both open and closed
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Three year limited warranty