HAPPY THANKSGIVING! All 3k Twill and Shark Gray Retractable Outrigger Sets Are DISCOUNTED 30% OFF!

  • Unique internal halyard rigging simplifies everything to maximize efficiency and ease of use
  • LIGHTEST retractable outriggers on the market
  • Patent Pending
  • 100% Carbon Fiber pole construction
    • In other words, not hybrid. By-the-way, doesn’t “hybrid” sounds better than saying, “We’re not sure, but there’s some carbon fiber, some fiberglass, or maybe even cheap cotton linen in our layup schedule, but we’d rather not know exactly, just like you’d rather not know exactly, so we’ll just call it hybrid?”)
  • 100% composite halyard management system eliminates electrolysis-related problems seen in other retractable designs which utilize various types of metals in contact with carbon fiber, which leads to unsightly electrolysis and eventually carbon fiber delamination and failure
  • UV-resistant shark gray, gloss white or 3k twill carbon fiber weave finish
  • Corrosion and maintenance free self-lubricating oversized pulleys
  • All poles retract to less than 8ft
  • Lever-lock collar design quickly and easily keeps poles in any position you want, infinitely adjustable between minimum and maximum lengths or twist angles.
  • Poles will not inadvertently collapse while running nor inadvertently extend when trailering
  • Outriggers sold in pairs, and center riggers sold as single poles


Model Variations:

6.5ft center rigger (single piece)

17ft outriggers (retractable to under 8ft)

20ft outriggers (retractable to under 8ft)


Common Mount Size Diameters:

—— 1-1/8″

Taco GS-170, Taco adjustable-height rod holder mount and some Tigress

—— 1-15/32″

Taco GS-270, 280, 2801, 400, 370, 380 and 390

—— 1-1/2″

Rupp Top Gun, Gemlux Deluxe and some Tigress

—— 1-9/16″

Gemlux Bluewater and ETEC

—— 1-5/8″

Lee’s Sidewinder


UNSURE ABOUT YOUR BASE SIZE? Just use our Outrigger Mount Size Reference Page