• LIGHTEST retractable outriggers on the market (over 20% lighter than closest competitor)
  • Third generation, advanced design
  • 100% Carbon Fiber pole construction
  • 100% composite halyard management system eliminates electrolysis-related problems seen in other retractable designs which utilize various types of metals in this critical area
  • UV-resistant shark gray or gloss white finish
  • Corrosion and maintenance free
  • All poles retract to less than 8ft
  • Lever-lock collar design quickly and easily keeps poles in any position you want, infinitely adjustable between minimum and maximum lengths or twist angles.
  • Poles will not inadvertently collapse while running nor inadvertently extend when trailering
  • Outriggers sold in pairs, and center riggers sold as single poles


Model Lengths:

9ft center rigger (can handle one halyard per pole)

18ft outriggers (can handle two halyards per pole plus a teaser)

22ft outriggers (can handle three halyards per pole plus a teaser)


Common Mount Size Diameters:

Taco GS-200 and 300 series: 1-15/32″

Rupp Top Gun and Gemlux Coastal: 1-1/2″

Gemlux Bluewater and ETEC: 1-9/16″

Lee’s Sidewinder: 1-5/8″

UNSURE ABOUT YOUR BASE SIZE? Just use our Outrigger Mount Size Reference Page