Discounted especially for Black Friday this week only!

Here are some of our Super Gaffs with stainless steel hooks that are perfect for larger wahoo as well as yellowfin tuna and swordfish.


NOV. 21-29, 2020


  • 100% MADE IN THE USA,
  • Hand-laid heavy duty “super grips” (as they were called by the crews who tested them) are the highest performing on the market without sacrificing durability,
  • Our own patented hooks are sized perfectly for big game like larger wahoo, tuna, swordfish and other species over 70lbs,
  • Our 17-4 stainless steel alloy hook construction is three times stronger than traditional 316 stainless (this poses a problem for other companies because it is difficult to mass produce properly)
  • We polish and passivate each of our hooks before building your gaff- far from the poor quality seen from mass produced products,
  • Retention grooves in our hooks control fish better than ever, and a unique tapered throat and offset belly shape that we spent months testing and perfecting to allows for utmost control but easy “boxing” of fish to end the game,
  • All our gaffs FLOAT,
  • Our carbon fiber shafts use the toughest thermoset pressure-cured epoxy resin and are finished with gloss 3k twill finish and reverse grip texture for gripping close to the hook when you’re moving fish around in the boat,
  • Rubber butt gimbals are non-marking and won’t come off when that fish makes one last try to get away, and they’re all that’s still in your hand,
  • Lifetime Warranty for original purchasers,

TITANIUM ALLOY HOOKS available as well- Almost half the weight, but increased strength. See our main Super Gaffs page